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  • 60% Replica of Vasco da Gama's Sao Gabriel in Portuguese Armada


  • Carrack Sailing Ship Model


  • A ship that feels like left long time ago, without crew and was wandering alone in high seas


  • Scratched orange paint finish


  • Made with Burma Teakwood


  • Exclusively made for - limited time edition only


Approx Size ( L W H ): 56 x 48 x 13 cm


Made with Sold Hull carving method. Handcrafted model made by skilled master craftsmen take hundreds of hours to complete with precise carving on single block of wood. Handmade work never is perfect, always leaves little error which makes it more human. 


The Sao Gabriel model ship is a stunning replica of the iconic Portuguese caravel that played a key role in the Age of Discovery. With attention to detail, it is made from high-quality materials, stitched sails hand rigged, deck features and approximate scaling. A perfect addition to any nautical collection or as a decorative piece for the home or office.

With its historical significance and exquisite craftsmanship, this limited edition of Sao Gabriel model ship replica in form of Abandoned Ship is a must-have for any maritime enthusiast or a standout gift.

This wooden model is for decor purposes, it cannot float. Keep it in Dry Conditions


Craftsmanship of Mandvi

Abandoned Model Ship


An important legend is connected with Mandvi when west world was trying to discover route to India. Mandvi was major shipbuilding hub at that time.  When Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama discovered Europe-to-India sea route in 1497, he had a Gujarati by his side to show him the way. A Kutchi sailor from Mandvi, Kanji Malam, showed them the way to Calicut from Malindi on east African coast. Italian researcher Sinthia Salvadori too has concluded that it was Malam who showed Gama the way to India. Salvadori has made this observation in her 'We Came in Dhows', an account written after interacting with people in Gujarat. Malam's and Mandvi's significant contrubiton is yet often overlooked by historians for their role in Gama's expedition to India that paved way for country under colonists' rule.